Caracara & Vulture

Ms Q, Crested Caracara, Wildlife Education, Falconry, Raptor Rehabilitation


 Ms. Q. is a young Crested Caracara from Florida, just about two years old. Her wing was permanently injured and so she cannot be released.  When Caracaras become excited, their yellow facial skin flushes, and can turn quite pink, quite a sight to see! Ms. Q. enjoys taking a bath on hot summer days. If you meet her at ARC, listen for her call - it's gravely rattle is a unique sound indeed.  

Lavinia, Black Vulture, Wildlife Education, Falconry, Raptor Rehabilitation

Lavinia (Vinnie) - BLACK VULTURE HATCHED 2013

In the fall of 2013, Lavinia, a 12-week-old Black Vulture was transferred to ARC from another rehabilitation facility. She had suffered from Avian Pox resulting in the partial amputation of her right wing, not allowing her to return to the wild. It was thought that Lavinia was a male black vulture but DNA testing in 2018 proved that Lavinia was a female and her name was changed from Vincent to Lavinia.