Education Programs

​​​The Avian Reconditioning Center (ARC) offers wildlife programs to schools, scout troops, church groups, civic organizations, retirement centers, and other non-profits. They are great for after school programs or Kids Camps. Kids crafts and art projects can be included to further enhance the learning experience.

Birds of prey make wonderful study subjects for a variety of reasons. They are attention grabbing, and their flight is a wonder. Our programs focus on raptors, their natural history and their importance to us and our environment. We have found that birds of prey are excellent ambassadors for teaching a variety of subjects including natural history, biology, conservation, and photography.​

ARC is a volunteer driven, 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. We receive no state or federal funding and 100% of donations go to bird care. Program fees help to keep our doors open, help us care for injured raptors, and educate the public about these amazing animals. We can't do it without your help.

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Booking a Program

Off and on-site programs must be booked two weeks in advance. We have a variety of programs available and we can create a program suited just for you and your group. 
Please review the available programs below.

Roaming Raptors- Off Site Programs

1 Hour Program

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We bring 4 different species to your location (school, church, camp...) for a one-hour educational presentation. Along with our birds, we bring feathers, talons, and other educational material.

Local Apopka Area

Hawks, Falcons, Kites, and Owls - $125
​Bald Eagle and 3 other species - $225

Central Florida Area (1-2 hours travel time from ARC)

Hawks, Falcons, Kites, and Owls- $400

Bald Eagle and 3 other species- $500

PLEASE NOTE:  Program fees may be higher for school assemblies and other large groups with over 200 people in attendance.

Wildlife/ Nature Festivals

wildlife festivals nature

We bring 4 different species to the event (3 hour minimum and 4-5 hour maximum). Birds will be on display and shown as an educational presentation. If outdoors, we require shade and parking close to the display area.

Hawks, Falcons, Kites, and Owls - $125 per hour
​Bald Eagle and 3 other species - $225 per hour



We bring 4 different species to the event for up to 4-5 hours. Birds will be on display and shown as an educational presentation. For the safety of the birds, we require close parking in a shaded area.

Hawks, Falcons, Kites, and Owls - $500 up to 3 hours. $150 per additional hour.
​Bald Eagle and 3 other species - $500 up to 2 hours. $200 per additional hour.


Mileage and travel rates apply to all off-site programs. Mileage in excess of 20 miles and toll charges, where applicable, apply at $0.50 per additional mile. Charges for travel time in excess of one hour will also apply at $20 per hour.

ARC reserves the right to cancel due to inclement weather, even if the event is not cancelled. The safety of our birds is always our first concern!

On-Site Programs

Photography/Art Groups:

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 Enjoy a close up viewing of our birds for excellent photography and drawing opportunities. We have many wonderful groups of photographers visit and we are always happy to accommodate photo clubs. We have a variety of perches for use and you are welcome to bring your own (staff must give OK for use as some materials might not be safe for our birds). Programs may start as early as 8AM. However, gate does not open until 7:30AM and parking on the street is not permitted. Program must be a minimum of 2 hours.

2-4 hour group photo op - $125 per hour

School Field Trips

school trips educational

Bring your group to our facility for a one-hour presentation that features 6 different species and includes a flight demonstration when weather conditions allow. We can also provide relevant crafts including art projects and coloring sheets.

Up to 25 children and 10 adults.  - $125 total, additional $5 per additional person.
Additional Fees may apply for craft supplies

Civic Groups/Clubs


 Bring your group to our facility for a personal one-hour presentation that features 6 different species and includes a flight demonstration when conditions allow.

Adults - $8 each
Children - $5 each
​Minimum of $100 total

Bird-Day Parties


We love to host birthday (bird-day) parties at our center.  Bird-Day parties are for children ages 5-12 and are held only at our facility on Saturdays between 11AM and 3PM. Cost includes the use of a private covered picnic pavilion with seating for 24 people for 2 hours, craft projects for children and interaction with up to 6 birds. You may bring decorations, but no balloons, streamers or noise makers.

The cost for a 2-hour party with up to 10 children is $250. Additional children are $10 each and there is no charge for accompanying adults.  

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